Block Swap Progress

 This quilt will be made up from blocks I have received through Quilting Block Swaps Australia (see button on the right).

The block name is Baby Bunting

Lemon - Have 1 Need 7

Made by Robyn L

Lilac - Have 1 Need 7

Made by Linden V

Pale Blue - Have 2 Need 6

Made by Sue B

Made by Debbie M

Pale Green - Have 2 Need 6 

Made by Nolene F                                                                                   

 Made by Kathy S


Pale Orange - Have 1 Need 7

Made by Lynette P

Pink - Have 2 Need 6

Made by Larain S

Made by Jolanda P

I'm hoping to make a queen size quilt of 48 blocks plus a 6" border all around.  Not sure yet what I'll do for the border.  In the middle section I'll put an awareness ribbon but maybe I'll add them to all the blank areas.  Not really sure yet!  Here's a very crude sketch I made in front of the telly one night: (click for a close up like most pics on this blog)


    1. what is the final quilt you are hoping to make?

    2. thanks for the sketch! just lovely. ive never seen them set like that - will look amazing
      and full of love

    3. Looking good Alex, and you are well on your way to making the quilt. I will keep the swappers coming when you are feeling up to it again x