Quilted Hugs Quilt

This magnificent quilt deserves a page of its own.  I'm the very lucky recipient although I didn't contribute a single stitch to its making.

One of my dearest online quilty friends arranged this quilt as a surprise for me to give me some comfort when I had my most recent wrist surgery and various traumatizing events surrounding it. She organised a group of wonderful ladies from our Block Swap to contribute blocks which she them assembled into a quilt top, quilted it, bound it and added a lovely label.

The quilt is called Quilted Hugs (after Sue's sign off and the quilt's appropriate theme) and its theme is hugs, kisses and hearts in pink and cream. How well does that little Pug know me??? ;-)

One thing I love most about this quilt is that it's a melting pot of fabric styles just like me.  I love the funky heart prints and similar fabrics yet I also love shabby chic and olde worlde florals.  I especially love things that feature all my different loves together and Crafty has managed to pull it off brilliantly in this quilt.

It's not an easy thing to do but she's done a great job.  I think we took a similar approach to our wedding.  Lots of different bits and pieces that reflected us and our likes and it all came together in the end.

Read all about the day it arrived here.

The first is my awkward one-handed photo (as I was in plaster when the quilt arrived)

Crafty Pug took some much nicer photos before she posted the quilt which she has kindly let me use:

And here is a very artistic magazine style shot:

The blocks were contributed by the following talented ladies:

Beth made this beautiful block called Love In a Mist:

Cathy made this heart block in a pretty floral print:

Cheryll made this clever block with a heart in each corner.

Sue who runs Quilt Block Swaps Australia made these two blocks.  Both very different but equally gorgeous.  I love the fabrics and she has embroidered "Quilted Hugs" on each. Can you find it?

Larain made the gorgeous log cabin block with lots of floral pink and white fabrics - YUM!  She even appliqued a flower and heart shaped button.

Maria made: these two large heart blocks.  Very pretty especially after Crafty free-motion quilted a large heart in the centres.

And Crafty Pug made four meaningful blocks as well as putting the quilt together.

The first is the Baby Bunting block which is the one I'm collecting in the block swap.  She put this in to remind me of the wonderful friends I'm made through this swap:
The next is Double X or King's X which looks like a kiss:
And an adorable pair of lovebirds (very apt given the quilt arrived on the day DH and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary):

The middle block with the most wonderful embroidery was also Crafty's work:
These cards were also enclosed:
And no quilt is complete without a label. (LOVE the stripey backing too!)

Here are a few more photos of my quilt:
Now I've had comments about the size of the quilt.  YES it's a very generous size but I'm also not very tall which is why the narrower side of the quilt practically touches the ground when I wear it!

And in my messy room (my excuse is my one-handed-ness and I'm sticking to it! ;-P): 

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