Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gisborne Quilters 28/7

Last night was my second meeting with the Gisborne Quilters.

Things started in the early afternoon while I was driving home from the hospital.  DH asked me whether I was planning to go that night and while I was trying to recover from the shock that he remembered on his own I managed to spit out that I was hoping to go and waiting for all the usual objections.  There were none so I was told to drive safely and he'd cook dinner for himself and the kidlet.

Now I was scared.  Who are you and what have you done with my husband????Shocked

I assumed he was being nice to me because I was worried about Dad.  Not so!

When he got home he said he was approached by Annette at work and she asked him whether I was his wife and a member of Gisborne Quilters!

Now I'd never met Annette but remembered her name off the list and it turned out that she and a number of other Gisborne Quilters are all teachers at work where Andrew also works in the IT department!

He seemed pretty traumatized by his meeting with Annette so naturally I couldn't wait to meet my saviour.Smile

Upon arriving I discovered that FIVE of our members all work there plus Lorraine who used to work there before she opened Quilter's Bazaar.

I was thrilled and knew I'd never have a problem getting there again!  With 7 people knowing who he is, he became (quite literally) the butt of all our jokes! Free Icons

I did reattach the button on his pants (yes I know I said I'd do this many posts ago) as well as kidlet's school jumper but I thought I'd give him another reminder about quilters and mending.

This pic is off the Gisborne Quilters blog:

It was only lightly tacked on since they are his work pants!

All the work ladies promised to have him bending over all day at work! Muhahahahahahaha!Too Funny 1

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long time between blogs!

Well for me anyway!

The past few days have been utter madness.  rather than quilting or blogging (or both!!) I've been:

  • Nursing a somewhat sick kidlet
  • Trying not to get sick myself
  • Doing the school run for a now not-so-sick kidlet
  • Going to visit Dad in hospital (usually with kidlet in tow)
  • Battling the Nemesis

I'm sure there's more but that's the start of things anyway!Free Icons

Saw the surgeon this morning.  He thought a late onset infection in the bone is a possibility but not all that likely given timing.  I kind of agree but some of these infections take years to show up and the person has obviously been out of pain before the infection appeared...but anyway.

I had a lovely cortisone injection into the joint and am to come back in 3 weeks.  Gagging he didn't want to say it but given our plans to re-start IVF in Oct, I'm probably looking at another op.

Despite everything, I haven't been ENTIRELY neglectful of my sewing!  I've pieced the remaining square-in-a-square blocks for the Chocolate Aqua quilt and completed 2 more sections which brings me to 9 out of 15!  I'm more than halfway!

I also went along to Gisborne Quilters but that's another story in itself!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shopping dramas and a sucky day :-(

Well this weekend's trip to Spotlight did NOT turn out as planned.

We went to what is the biggest one near us and although they have a big range they simply didn't have what I needed.  I got the last of the black and white spotty fabric which meant I got a little bit extra and I found ONE fabric to go with the table runner.  That means another 5 to go!

I managed to convince hubby to make a slight detour and visit another Spotlight on the way home when DS said his tummy hurt.  The pains would come and go and make him cry and we went straight home instead.

Just when the day couldn't get much worse, his symptoms were looking more and more like appendicitis.  Thankfully a trip to the toilet solved everything and no need to go to hospital tonight.

The Nemesis is wreaking all sorts of havoc lately, especially tonight so I'm going back to the surgeon this week.

The final straw was my bobbin running out...

On a slightly happier note, I think someone is trying to tell me to get on with my Dear Jane!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Fabric Choices...

I've changed my mind about my DaChintzy fabrics in consultation with the mystery host.

Here are my updated choices.

Boy quilt:

Girl quilt:

I haven't got nearly enough black but Spotlight is having a sale and I know they have a black and white spotty print reduced!!

July Friday Night Sew In

Things started off well.  Pretty much all my pieces were pre-cut and (as far as I knew) all the square-in-a-square blocks were done.

I'm making a larger version of Lynelle Slade's Perfectly Peppermint quilt from AP&Q magazine Vol 15 No 4.  I simply increased the dimensions of everything to make the quilt big enough (it's going to have to cover a sofa).

The first few blocks came together very quickly even though I couldn't chain piece too many sections at a time since I'd forget where they went.  I only managed to stitch one section wrong which must be some kind of record for me!

I did realise fairly quickly that I still need EIGHT of the smaller sqaure-in-a-square blocks!  I have plenty of fabric but I was too tired and sore to make them last night.  All in all I pieced together 7 sections out of 15 so I'd be halfway there if it wasn't for those 8 remaining blocks I need to make!!
Piles of fabric

Laid out to be stitched:
FNSI outcome:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy FNSI everyone!

I'm excited! 

As per the rules, I'm already in my jammies - well I haven't been out of them in days actually!  DS has been home sick from school so we've both been slobs together.

Dinner tonight is take-away so that's taken care of too.

I'm hoping I can keep the Nemesis away for the night.  He appears to be attacking the fingers on my right hand for some reason.  Have no idea what that's all about.

In between slobbing I've been putting DS to work holding up quilts to take pictures of.  Most are pretty blurry because he can't stay still!

Now the big question is whether I can turn this into a quilt top by tomorrow morning??!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well only the backing for the dino quilt but still I feel like shouting it from the rooftops! Scream

The downside is that I never got to Gisborne Quilters last night.  DH came home late and DS was coming down with something.  I'm glad I stayed - he had a rough night the poor little mite.

Another positive is I can now take proper pictures again!  You know how it is - the IT consultant's wife is always the last to get technical support!  Rolling Eye

I'm slowly getting ready for Friday Night Sew In.  I've decided I'm going to piece the chocolate and aqua quilt top.  Once DS goes to bed, I should be able to get it done in one evening - provided I've cut enough fabric!!

That'll be another UFO that can be moved to the UQO section!!  It will also be one of my 3 UFOs before 31 August goals completed!

My table runner class is 2 weeks away and I have decided not to go with a Bali Pop.  I have 4/10 (maybe 5) of the fabrics I need to I'll just cut swatches and buy the rest to match.

Spotlight is having a big sale so DH promised to take me this weekend! Bounce

I still have no idea what I'll do for matching place mats.

Pieced Backing:                                                                                             

Front (without borders):

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some housekeeping

Well I was thinking last night as I drifted off to sleep (and that's usually a dangerous thing) Tut tut  and thought I'd add an extra section in the left bar = UQOs (unquilted objects).  It's not really fair to classify them as a UFO because a completed quilt top is definitely better than chopped up bits of fabric, stray blocks or an unused stash.

Sometimes I make a quilt "just because" with no particular purpose so quilting it immediately doesn't make sense especially when I have UFOs with a "purpose" waiting to be done.

Having a pile of unquilted tops can be advantageous when a gift is needed in a hurry.Thumbs up

Given my wrist situation, I'm trying to avoid doing any unnecessary quilting so charity quilts will be finished to the top stage only.  I will have a few quilts which need to be fully completed (like the dino quilt) so they need priority.

I've also added a blinkie quilt on the right side bar and a calendar of quilty events at the bottom.

It's motivating me to get more stuff done.  I caught up with a RL friend yesterday who is also a quilter and she wants to join a group and start blogging to get her productivity going again.

We're going to each make a DaChintzy together.  Hopefully we can get together every fortnight and actually make it together...together.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fabric Choices!

Well I now have fabric for the DaChintzy Mystery...only I bought ALL of it and it's totally different from what I was planning.  More boy than girl for a start!  Embarrassed

In my defense 3 out of 4 of the fabrics were reduced to $7.50 per metre!  The remaining one was $11/m so all in all very reasonable!

They actually look way nicer IRL!  I am still going to do a girl version.  I have rethought my fabric choices and I will only need one additional fabric so I'm hoping I can make 2 quilts simultaneously.  With 2 weeks between each clue, it should be OK.

I'm not 100% sure on the order of #2 and #3 yet.  Will seek the opinion of our Mystery Quilt Hostess!

I can't find pics online anywhere of my feature fabric for a girl but hopefully the camera will be working again soon

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dinos are back!

I finally did some more work today.

Sewing MachineMad EmoticonsIt was frustratingly slow going - for every 5-10 mins of cutting I had to rest for at least twice that!

I couldn't be bothered dealing with borders today so I cut out all the squares for the backing of the dino quilt!

To my relief I had enough fabric (with some left over!) and enough variety to make it look OK.

I DunnoIt's strange fabric - supposedly cotton but with a funny texture so I'd prefer not to use it on the front of a quilt but the back is nice and bright and DS is happy with it!

Magnifying Glass
The worst part was having to use my dodgy scissors! Scissors My good sewing scissors have vanished in very mysterious circumstances.  I strongly suspect foul play.

The piecing of the back had to wait til DS went to bed.  I didn't dare interrupt Top Gear with the whirr of the sewing machine.  I got about 1/3 done until I was too sore to continue.

I'll see how I go tomorrow.  Maybe I can get the whole back done AND attach the inner borders??

On a more exciting note, I rang Quilter's Bazaar this morning to book into my classes and thank goodness I didn't wait til tomorrow!  The table runner class was full and Lorraine is running another!

I know which feature fabric to use but I'm in two minds on whether or not to buy a bali pop for the braids or buy the fabric separately.  Not much is needed but I would like to make matching placemats which would make good use of the bali pop.  Decisions Decisions.  I only have until 7 Aug to work it out!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Quilt Classes!


OK I need help!  Lorraine has just posted the Term 3 Classlist for her shop Quilter's Bazaar and I want to sign up for at least 2 of them!

One is a gorgeous fench braid table runner.  I've always wanted to try french braids and this is a nice way to start with something small.  Will make lovely presents!  I've been looking for a pattern for a runner for my sis and BIL's new house.  I this this might be The One!

The other is a 5 month BOM type thing called Lizzie Mae's Medallion.  It's gorgeous!  Thank goodness they're monthly classes and don't start til late August.

I need more projects like a hole in the head buuuut...I'm ringing on Monday and securing my place!

I suppose I should stop blogging and get on with my UFOs if I'm going to treat myself to some new classes!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The DaChintzy Code Mystery Quilt

There is a Mystery Quilt happening on the quilting forum! Magnifying Glass

I'm really excited and can't wait to participate.  I've done 2 mystery quilts in the past and have enjoyed them despite being a bit of a control freak so it's a little nerve-wracking not to know where everything will go.

I'm still playing with fabric combinations and haven't decided for sure which way I'll go.  I want to work from my stash as much as possible.

Given the dimensions, it will fit perfectly into the suggested sizes for Very Snuggly Quilts .  I have a few boy quilt tops underway for that but not much in the way of girl ones so maybe I'll make this Mystery Quilt into a girl quilt for VSQ.

In my quest for fabric I managed to unearth 3 more UFOs!  (the shame!!) Ashamed Emoticons I think I'm destined to become like Lorraine and Andrea who have one for every year of their lives! 

They will be duly added to the left bar.  On a more positive note I realised I have a few finished projects to add which I've forgotten about.

Thankfully the mystery wont start til September and I wont allow myself to start until my UFO challenge is complete!

Australian Block Swap

I joined up today after finding the link on Crafty Pug's blog.

The block swap is run by Sue.  Each month everyone gets a partner and makes her a block of her choice.

Sue will be my partner in August and she has requested Churn Dash blocks in brown, cream and blue.

I've decided on Marcia Hohn's Baby Bunting block (below)

I wanted a block I liked the look of and which had a meaningful name.  Some of you may know we're battling with secondary infertility.  3 years and 3 failed IVF cycles and still no sibling(s) for Maxie.  Sad

For someone who has always wanted lots of kids it's hard.  We appreciate our little man and adore him.  We're so lucky to have him but it has also given us a taste of what we're missing.

Anyway enough depressing talk!

I'm very excited to be part of the swap and to be making some new sewing friends!! Free Smileys

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update on the Nemesis

Well I saw my surgeon today.

He's so lovely.  He's trying everything to avoid having to operate again.  Unfortunately all he could suggest was continuing to splint if it helps and continue pain meds until the weather warms up and to come back and see him in 4 months or so.

He's really understanding and acknowledged I've been through am awful lot with this wrist.

I will blog about the whole saga sometime - I'm a little too depressed to relive the whole thing now.

Meanwhile quilting is good therapy when I can manage it.  Some days I'm too sore but I do need to use my fingers at the very least. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


...pretty much summarizes the last couple of days. Sick Emoticons

The rainy weather means it's party time for The Nemesis.  Add a stubborn headache and general pukiness and I'm left feeling very sorry for myself. Free Emoticons

This of course means no Wednesday night sewing with the Gisborne Quilters or even home sewing of any kind.

Except of course buttons.  DH's pants still need one and DS has popped 2 off his school rugby shirt so I guess it means loading up on painkillers and hoping for the best.   They really need to be done despite The Nemesis.

I see my surgeon tomorrow to see what the next step is.  Splinting for 4 weeks did nothing and it doesn't feel any better.  Free Avatars

On a happier note I did finish sewing the dino blocks around the panel but no borders.

Will try to add a pic tomorrow!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

D9P = Dino 9 Patch!

Well it certainly does in this case! Free Userbars

On Friday I cut all the fabric for both sets of blocks and finished piecing the D9Ps.  I also started piecing the alternate blocks (reconfigured Lorna's 12 FQ Class ones).  The difference was not just the measurements.  I also wanted the largest square to be the dino print and since I was using various sized scraps, I had to work out the colours as I went.  I also decided to make 2 variations of this block by placing the large square either towards the top of the block or bottom so I'd have some flexibility when placing them around the central panel.

Saturday saw the completion of all my blocks and I worked out the order.  DH gave his comments, screwed up the entire thing and I couldn't re-do it exactly as I had before.  Not Happy Jan Andrew!Free Blinkies

Thanks to my nemesis (which I'll blog about sometime) I'm REALLY sore so as much as I'd love to finish a quilt top Saturday night, I don't think I will.

Boiling HotAfter loads of umming and ahhing, I'll piece the backing to save $ since I really need to buy the remaining Aster Manor yardage online soon but I will need WOOL batting since I only have cotton at home and want this quilt to be wool to keep my Lil Man all toasty

The inner borders will be a plain chocolate brown (at least I hope I have enough length of the fabric I'm thinking of) and I'll quilt little dinosaurs in variegated thread on them.  Outer borders will be small scraps of block fabric.

I'm pleased with how it's coming along so far but I need to be sure the borders look OK and am a little nervous of the quilting - haven't done any FM stuff since last year!Surprised Emoticons

This morning I discovered more problems with the block layout and had to redo them for my own sanity.   It's definitely not as  good as the very first attempt but looks OK.

My "rules" for block placement are:
  1. No dino prints should be touching each other even if they're different
  2. No two blocks with the same dinos can be next to each other (even if dino squares not touching)
  3. No two coloured scraps can be touching
  4. And finally, a fairly even spread of the two types of blocks  
I don't think I could ever be a liberated quilter tho I break enough rules in my own way.  Most rules are there for a reason I feel!

Anyway here are some examples of my blocks

D9P block:

Lorna's Block:

Lorna's Block variation:

Again the photos are terrible.  It's such a drama taking them.  The rechargable batteries for the camera are leaking acid, software to directly upload pics from my phone can't be installed on the desktop PC because it's running Linux so it all has to be done on my dinosaur laptop and transferred on a flash drive.  Angry Emoticons

Anyway so I'll see how I go today in terms of stitching the blocks together.  I get the verdict from the surgeon on Thursday regarding my Nemesis so I shouldn't sew too hard before then!