Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sore and Sorry...

What a day!

Nothing went to plan!  I'm in a shared room but I can live wit that.

The worst part is my carefully selected anaesthetist was not available and I got someone else.  He was lovely too and went to med school with my hand surgeon but admitted he never did local anaesthetics for ENT surgeries.

He obviously doesn't read the hand outs they give to patients saying these things can be done with a local.

Anyway he was lovely and promised not to hold that mask thing with gas over my face but I knew I had good reason for avoiding gen anaesthetics.  I felt vile when I woke up.

No pain in the nose. My surgeon squirted massive doses of anaesthetic spray up my nose before I went into theatre.  That stuff is so so so awful.  I'd much rather have 50 injections.  It's incredibly effective but the downside it that I feel like I can't swallow so once I woke up I started to cough and my oxygen mask was filled with blood spatter.

Kind of cool in a really creepy way.  They gave me tissues instead and I looked like that man on the anti-smoking commercial who coughs up blood into his hanky.

I woke up with a killer of a headache which nothing seemed to help.  I asked for ice packs in recovery and they said they wouldn't help but finally the nurses gave me some on the ward.  They help my head more than painkillers.

I have some lovely nurses and my sister and Max are coming to visit soon.  Andrew has been a trooper through it all.

I'm still soaking through the nappy they stick under my nose reguarly but all within normal limits apparently.

I'm still not quite with it even though I came out of theatre 4 hours ago.  Did I mention how icky the gen anaeasthtic makes me feel?

I'm woozy but strangely not sleepy at all.  that's the weirdest part since I basically got now sleep last night.  Very very strange.

Anyways will sign off now before I babble anymore nonsense.

xxxxx Alex

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  1. hi hon! hope that things are on the improve now and that the pain is less, the bleeding is less and the feeling coherent is more!
    much love and all my best wishes