Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafty Mojo, Violins poo!

So as usual I have bad news but for a change I have some good news too!

I think my crafty mojo is back!

I haven't posted about my mystery project yet because I underestimated how much...stuff...I had and need to order more...things.  It'll probably be a bit of an anticlimax when I post...unless we have some make-up loving quilters out there.

Anyway...I haven't got back to any UFOs yet but as soon as I finish what I'm working on (hopefully tonight!!!) I'll crack on with poor Maxie's dino quilt.

I decided I needed some instant gratification and the thrill of a new project so I'm making Maxie a bag for his music books and things.  To date he's been carrying them around in a small envirobag with the school monogram on it but it doesn't close so things more often than not fall out.

The minute he walks into the classroom on Tuesdays he practically hurls his violin and music bag in a particular corner without paying much attention to it.

Oh and the dog poo?  Turns out somewhere in the depths of my nose is something that smells like dog poo...with undertones of sweaty boy feet!  I first noticed it 5 days ago - less than a week after I finished the super dooper anti anthrax antibiotics.

I can't smell much else poo.  It's seriously nasty but kind of amusing in a really hideous sort of a way.

I spose it means going back to the ENT this week.  I'm stalling.  There's nothing to see in my nose that I can tell so it's waaaay down the back and can probably be detected with his scope which I hate...

...anyway I'm off to do the school run now and stay tuned for a (hopefully) finished bag in the next few hours!!

ETA... it's 3 hours later and I'm feeling vile!!  Will try to finish the bag tonight anyway but I've been saved by the bell...err...text message!

Max's violin teacher messaged me that he wont have a lesson tomorrow since she is playing violin for a few of the acts in the grand final of Australia's Got Talent tomorrow!  She did Dancing With The Stars too but they don't show much of the orchestra.

Would be good for Max to watch so he can see for himself what he can achieve if he practises

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  1. Ugh! Dog poo and sweaty kid feet? RUN to the ENT! How do you handle it?

    But, I am glad to hear your crafting mojo is back. It always feels kind of off when it takes a break, don't you think?