Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Friday Night Sew In Session II Results

Overall a very productive evening.  I planned to keep plodding on with my string blocks and maybe deviate to Step 5 of RRCB once it was auto published.

That is until I saw it.  Click the link if you dare but I don't want to talk about it!

I did cut the fabric for this step though:

I also made 10 more string blocks which now brings my total to 30.  I'm halfway - 30 more to go!

I would have liked to  pull an all-nighter but my wrists ached and if not for all the metal holding my left one together I'm sure it should have fallen off!

Also DH came home with my yummy Lay-By from Lorraine's Shop

Now I'm itching to snap up whatever she has left of her little bundles of Farmer's Market and Mezzanines fabric!!


  1. Do I dare click on the link???? LOL

    Your strig blocks are looking great.
    Oh Yes I would love to snap up some of that pretty fabric too.

  2. your RRCB blocks are coming along nicely! Love your colors. And the fabrics that you DH brought home are just lovely!! I'm going to show my husband this post ;)

  3. Wow, you got a LOT done! Your string blocks look great, and I wish my hubby would bring home fabric for me ;) Lucky!

  4. am loving your string blocks - you have inspired me to try my own ;-)