Monday, December 13, 2010

November Quilt Block Swap

I know I'm late posting this.  the end of year stuff with a Big School Boy still has be a bit unnerved!

My November Block Swap partner was Robyn and she requested Sarah's Choice block in pink, pale green and crimson.  Here is the photo she took since I forgot to take one before I sent the block off!

In real life, the background fabric is less red - more of a very very dark pink.
In return Robyn sent me my first yellow Baby Bunting block!  Click on the block swap tab above to see the other blocks I have received.
Apologies for the dodgy photo!  The block itself is wonderful!

Robyn is a beginner quilter but I'm sure you'll all agree she did an amazing job on this block!


  1. Lovely blocks Alex.
    Did you have any problems putting your Sarah's Choice block together???

  2. Maria, using the speed piecing method they use for the HSTs in the centre only works if the seam allowance is very scant so yes I did do a little unpicking!!!

  3. Two great blocks... I see the star has a set in piece ''aaarrrrggghhh'' I still have never mastered those darn things hahahaha

  4. Tarniya, no set in pieces in either block! Don't worry!

  5. ah the dreaded sarah's choice block!!! yours looks fantastic and im glad to hear you only did a 'little' unpicking - i did lots!!!!