Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hissy Fit...

Warning...pointless verbage ahead!

I have boring things to do today and I don't wanna (paperwork and being put on hold on the phone for hours at a time etc)

(Hubster, if you happen to be spying on my blog again, this would be a good post for you to read...)

I'd much rather eat the Raspberry Cream Pie I made yesterday or do something crafty...or both!  But probably not at the same time.

Or I could sleep...or read craft magazines...or check out more recipes on Pioneer Woman's blog.  The diet will definitely have to wait.  (at least until the abovementioned pie is eaten!)

Being home alone all day isn't good for me.  DH could at least have the decency to buy me a couple more cats. hmmm...

OK hissy fit over (must be all that artificial goodness in the oreos and instant pudding that went into the pie).  Off I go to deal with the Mount Vesuvius of paperwork before it erupts...and then work on the pie...afterall it's better I ingest all the processed food than my kidlet who's still growing.

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