Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The DaChintzy Code Mystery Clue 2 (spoiler alert)

Yesterday I worked on Clue 2.   I really don't know what I expected when starting this quilt but certainly not these clues!

I never expected the pieces to come together in the way that they have been and haven't the feintest idea how they will all come together but I do like the way fabrics 2 and 3 are looking with fabric 4.

Clue 2 had two steps which involved thin strips, big triangles and bias edges!  I was more than a little nervous to tackle it and was all out of Diet Coke so I had to tackle it stone cold "sober".

Step 2, Clue 2

Step 3, Clue 2

Only 2 more clues til I've caugh up to everyone else.  I'm not sure how many clues there are in total but they come out fortnightly.  Clue #5 is due late october I think.


  1. Looking good Alex... on my blog I have given you an award so please go take it xxx

  2. Aww thanks so much, Tarniya I will! xxx

  3. just caught up on your adventures - well done on your FNSI effort! and i can't wait to see what this project will end up like - intriguing!