Friday, October 8, 2010

Quilted Hugs in Action

I thought it fitting that the lovely ladies responsible for my beautiful quilt see it in action so I put Master Max's photographic skills to good use.  He's into making stop-motion lego movies now so a few stills of his old mum shouldn't be a problem.

I hate having my photo taken but here it is:


  1. You look so warm and cosy Alex, enjoy xx

  2. WOW - Alex, a great photo. It really puts it into proper perspective how big a quilt it is :-) I am so impressed! Well done Crafty Pug, you have produced a wonderful quilt.

  3. so glad it is wrapped around you! looks just like a quilted hug!!!!

  4. Oh Alex it looks soooooo warm wrapped around you. Pleased to see it is that big.