Monday, October 4, 2010

A Very Crafty Weekend

On Friday DS had a friend from school over to play.  They decorated my plaster and I made stove top pizzas and apple cakes for lunch.

On Saturday I baked one of DH's favourites - orange and poppyseed cake.

On Sunday I was finally brave enough to pick up a needle and thread!  Despite the plaster it was still fairly painful but necessary to get rid of the swelling in my fingers.
I worked on my Aster Manor Sampler.  I completed the almost finished Rolling Stone block and made the Bow Tie block (also called Old Maid's Puzzle) from start to finish.

I'm all out of template plastic so I can't do anymore pieced blocks.  I'll have to work on some of the applique blocks which already have all the shapes cut out.


  1. so glad you are home and safe and sound! sounds so hopefully about the surgery - hopefully they have sorted out the cause of the trouble for you
    your aster manor blocks look fantastic! and im glad that your little guy played happily for you so you could sew in the lovely weather.

  2. p.s. the word i had to type in for that last post to verify that i was a human and not a machine was 'aches' - i presume that is very appropriate for you right now!

  3. *lol* very apt! DH was planting vegies and DS loves helping with that! I would have sat outside if we had a nice outdoor entertaining area.

  4. Your blocks are lovely - cant wait to see them all put together. Gorgeous fabric