Friday, October 15, 2010

Lizzy Mae Progress

I've been slowly plodding on with the centre of Lizzy Mae's Medallion.

I missed class #2 which was on the inner and outer flying geese borders.  I'll arrange a time with Lorraine to make it up.

Class #3 is in a few weeks.  This one will be on one of the pieced rows.  That's why It's critical that I attempt machine piecing before then!

Anyway here is a pic of Lizzy.  The RHS is finished except for the stems which haven't been stitched down.  The middle only has a small amount of the top flower left and of course the stems haven't been stitched down. (click to make it bigger)

I tried to finish that flower last night but I simply couldn't.  I just couldn't get my fingers to move right.  I think they got a bit swollen.

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  1. It's looking beautiful.