Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DaChintzy Code Mystery Clue 5 (spoiler alert)

Clue 5 consisted of 2 steps.

Step 6 (counting from the beginning) looks like this:

There are 2 of the top and middle units and only one of the bottom ones (the bottom unit has 4 rectangles but I cut one out of the photo).  At first I thought it might be sashing with cornerstones but the quantities and sizes of the units don't add up for that.

Step 7:

My piecing of the hourglass units id depressively wonky so I hope the quilt will look good enough to donate.

I'm speculating that these units look very like the top and bottom of an ohio star block!  Only half the hourglass units were used in this step so there are enough left for ohio stars...maybe with feature fabric in the centre???

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  1. I just love the fabric colours you have chosen. Must get onto mine.