Monday, November 1, 2010

Fabric Dilemma!

Bonnie Hunter has posted the fabric requirements for her new mystery quilt and my biggest fear has been confirmed - I don't have nearly enough fabric for the "neutral" requirements - at least not of the fabric I hoped to use.  It's not formally quilting fabric and I bought it cheaply on Ebay a few years ago.  This totally disrupts my colour scheme!

I'm pretty sure it was originally a spotlight fabric but I doubt it wo0uld be around anymore.  What do I do?  I had a look on Ebay and it isn't there - not that I expected it to be.  Hmmmm...

Bonnie's quilts are naturally scrappy so I use what I have of the background fabric and add others to it or choose a different neutral altogether.  I have lots of small scale floral-on-whites.

The problem is my original choice for background would have tied in my 4 colours.  Maybe I can use what I have of it and throw some other whites in or do I save it for another quilt?  I have about 2 metres and the instructions call for about 5 yards.

Suggestions anyone?


  1. Alex
    why don't you take a photo of the material and put it on your site. I am sure maybe one of the swappers might just have what you want. No harm in trying.

  2. Have you tried What is the name of the manufacturer and design?