Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ideas please!!!

I went along to Max's final violin lesson for the year and realised it's time to start thinking about thank-you gifts for all his teachers!

I'd like to make something but they need to be fairly small, easy and QUICK!  Last year Maxie decorated candles and several of his teachers are the same this year so it has to be something different.

His violin teacher admired my bag (I made it using the Winsome Baby pattern) so maybe a bag for her with musical fabric??

He has 2 classroom teachers and then the specialist teachers:

French, art and IT (same teacher for both), music teacher and then his violin teacher...oh and a male teacher for PE...library teacher as well.  Am I forgetting anyone?  The 2 childcare workers at after school care.

These aren't christmas presents - just a little thank you gift.  The teachers at his school are wonderful and very accomodating.

Moda Bakeshop has some cute things - tiny bags made out of charm squares to put some yummy treats in maybe? 

What about tissue holders?

I'd love to find some teacher-y fabric or fabric that goes with their subjects.

Ideas PLEASE!!!!


  1. How about little pin cushions, I got this idea from Cheryll, view my quilted hugs post Oct 15th to see them. Very sweet, easy to make and use up some scraps. just pop a few pins in (so they know thats what they are) and voila !! I have now made quite a few of these for little gifts and will be giving all the girls at work one for Christmas.

  2. How about a nice lingerie bag just the draw string type with their special interest as a patch on the front. You could put a small sachet of potpourri or lavender. My daughter makes brownies/or chocs and ties them with a Xmas bow.

  3. What about a Mug Mat. Nice and small and useful. Love my and keep it next to the computer.

  4. A friend just sent me a coffee sleeve. It goes on to-go cups to protect your hands from the heat. Really nice.

  5. How about a vintage apron? Seems they are coming back in style. They don't take long to make. I go with the mug mat or Kindle/Ipod holder as well.

  6. Great ideas! Thanks everyone! I'm going to search around for patterns for a few things, make up a few prototypes and see how they come out.

  7. some great ideas here!!! i may have to 'borrow' some for chrissie gifts myself!!! :) people always appreciate what you make for them - i am sure they will love it. my other ideas would be - bookmarks and pencil cases

  8. In October/November QuiltingArts there's a yummy small project called 'Boro Bobbles'
    Mine will be made into key/ring thingies...
    They are very easy to make and very addictive...
    as I have no idea what 'shot cotton' looks like (as per QA article) I decided to use lightweight furnishings scraps...
    ...scraps I have...heaps!! LOL