Monday, November 1, 2010


Hi ladies

In the previous post you've read about my fabric dilemma.  I have only 2 metres and I need around 4.5 for Bonnie's Mystery.

Larain suggested I post a pic and see if anyone has it in their stash.  If you do and are happy to part with it I can either swap fabric or magazines for it or buy it from you for whatever you're asking.

I'm not massively fussed if I don't find it.  My back-up plan is not to use it at all in the quilt except maybe as a border.

It's not a "proper" quilting fabric so there is no information on the selvage.  I'm pretty sure it's from Spotlight purchased about 2008 (possibly earlier since it was on clearance via an Ebay seller when I got it).

Thank you for looking! xxx


  1. Sorry Alex, Even though I knew I didn't have any I did check my stash as I used to work at Spotlight and have lots of remnants I purchased while working there.

  2. sorry - no, i don't have any :( bummer! hope you have some luck, or can work out your other plan
    i love the fabric though - very bright and cheery

  3. Gorgeous fabric, but sorry dont have any in my stash