Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Stitchery

I didn't do any of them.  They were done by my old pal Mr B.

The one on the top is the newest. 

It's lovely and neat.  Very unlike my op in March.  The hugest scar is from that.  He used an old incision (from 11 years ago) and that's why it didn't heal properly.  You can kind of see the older, white scarring under and around the redder one, but the latest one is perfect!  It's lighter after 7 weeks than the previous one is after 7 months!!

Anyway I'm still to be careful and treat it like before.  I even got specific instructions not to have any falls or accidents.  Methinks he knows me far too well!!!

I pointed out that it's easier said then done given how unco I am, and he advised me to try to fall on my face with my arm held behind me. *lol*  he really is a lovely man though!

The best bit doesn't hurt!  Well not really.  My muscles are all still very stiff and sore especially my elbow which hasn't been bent in 7 weeks and that'll take a good few days to improve.

Rotation is lovely and smooth and it doesn't pop out of its socket anymore.  Still a little sore when I push it to the full extent but it's post-op soreness not something's-broken-again soreness.

I go back in a month so let's hope I don't stuff it up in the meantime!

We stopped for a coffee after we were done and I sampled Hudson's Quad Shot with 400mg of caffeine loaded goodness!  Awesome! (just don't order one if you have heart problems etc!)

Oh and one of my Book Depository orders arrives yesterday:
Great book!  Now I'm waiting on the other one!


  1. Gosh - you certainly do have a bit of patchwork there! Hope its all healing well

  2. Wow! It IS lovely, but he's going to have to work on his # of stitches to the inch! Get well soon!

  3. I have been wondering about you for several days now and how you've been feeling. It looks like things are working out for you.