Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roll Roll Cotton Boll Fabrics

Well I think I can say that I have all the fabric I need for Bonnie's Mystery!

She said a wide variety of neutrals was needed so I had to go through my stash again and pick out almost anything with a white or cream background.

Bonnie's example on her blog had a very varied mix of fabrics. 

Bonnie's other colours are pink (which I'm also using)

Green (I'm using Aqua)

Brown (I'm using purple)

And a constant red fabric (I'm using 2 greens instead).

9 days to go!!  I better make some room in my sewing corner!


  1. Oh Wow Alex you are so organised for Bonnies mystery. I think I will procrastinate a little and see how it pans out before I start.

  2. WOW Alex- thats a lot of fabric piled up and ready to go. How exciting ! I cant wait to see this one develop.

  3. wow!!! amazing! well done in getting so organised! i look forward to seeing it unfold before our eyes

  4. You have a queen's ransom in fabric. Wow.