Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Block Swap Received

Yesterday I got my block in the mail from Sue!  It's magnificent and SO very me!!  The photo doesn't do it justice at all.

I love that she used a tone-on-tone for the background rather than solid white.  I rarely use solids as TOTs give more interest and depth to a quilt.

Her piecing is so precise (not that I'd care if it wasn't!!) and the feature fabric is gorgeous!  Pale blue with a paisley print on it in greens, pinks and yellows and all the colours I hope to have in my quilt!

Thank you Sue!  I posted your block yesterday so it should come tomorrow!


  1. lovely! i can't wait to see our quilts when they are finished with all these beautiful blocks from around the country

  2. Me neither! They're going to be really special!

  3. Wow that looks lovely! I am soooo in love with fabric right now - if only I could sew more proficiently - hopefully some day soon :-)

  4. your block is beautiful love the soft look it has
    hugs Beth