Friday, August 27, 2010


I got 2 squishies in the mail this week!

The first was my parcel of fabric postcards from the Black and White Swap on the Forum!  Christine also added a few extra gifts which was really sweet of her!

So many cool fabrics!  I'm planning to use them to make a larger version of a redback spider quilt featured in AP&Q Magazine a few months back.  I'm going to make the wedges for the web differently to utilize the postcards the most efficiently.

It's really far down on my list but I'm looking forward to it anyway!

The other squishy is from Sue who sent me some of her spare selvages to squirrel away for one of my (future) selvage projects! Thank you, Sue!  What a lovely surprise!

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  1. Black and white together are always so fresh looking...I would like to do a quilt for myself also ONE day ...arh!