Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mmmm...Quilty Goodness...

Today I was "forced" to stop by Lorraine's shop and pick out some browns for my table runner class...and pick up the class list that DH never thought to get when he paid for it!

The F1/8 bundle is from the Hot for Chocolate range!  I wont be using the pinks in the runner, but hopefully I'll get the browns I need from that.

I also picked up one of my online orders from the post office!  The one from OzQuilts arrived so fast!  They're fantastic!  The 7F1/4s from them are also to go towards the runner and a yummy stencil for my Choc aqua quilt.  They sent the wrong one but I liked it so much that I rang them and bought the correct one as well!

Here are my goodies:


  1. don't you just HATE having to go out to the quilt shop AGAIN! he he, i might head out this arvo....darn!

  2. oh yes it's so annoying! ;-P