Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Table Runner Class

...happened without me! Crying 2

This morning I woke up thinking maybe I felt well enough to go.  I had washed my fabrics but not pre-cut them and not packed any of my stuff.

I figured I'd try to do some - just in case I went but I could barely bend my fingers without doubling over in pain.  I'm talking about me good hand here!  I've had a few issues with finger pain lately and this particular lurgy seems to affect the most vulnerable parts of the body which of course is my dodgy wrist and fingers on the good hand.

I had to ring and cancel. I'm hoping I can make up the class in some way as I was really looking forward to it.

At least this gives me a bit of extra time to tweak my fabric selections since I'm not 100% happy with them.

This is what everyone else got up to without me:

Quilter's Bazaar QAYG Table Runner Class

The blue one is talking to me - can anyone else hear it??

ETA - All is well!  Lorraine said she's running another class this term and my name is on the list!  Yippee!  Just waiting on the date so I'm letting my life know it has to be accommodating!


  1. Take care of know, you're more important than a table runner.

  2. Thanks! I'm feeling a lot better now!

  3. what a bummer! and the class that your hubby remembered too!!!! so glad there will be another opportunity for you