Friday, August 6, 2010

A cupcake a day...

...keeps the teacher away?  Not in this case!  They seems to have the teachers swarming!

This is what I've been busy doing - 100 individually numbered cupcakes!

I can hear you all asking WHY???!!! (don't worry I've asked myself the same thing many times too!).Smiley

Well the preppies at my son's school were having a party to celebrate being at school for 100 days (and learning about the number 100).  They each had to bring along 100 things to show (eg small toys, stickers etc) and some party food.

DS who always has food on his mind suggested we make 100 cupcakes.Hungry

I figured it seemed like a good plan - afterall it was combining the two tasks right? Lightbulb Idea

I'm pleading insanity!  Between worrying about Dad, the fate of my dodgy arm and my unco-operative reproductive system (OK Andrew is to blame there as well!) my headspace isn't the best.  In despair I do what all Ukrainian women do - feed people!! Rolling Eye

I was concerned the effect all these cakes would have on my diet but I needn't have been!  Aversion therapy is the best!  I never want to look at another cupcake again!! Being sick

Upon arriving home from the party I collapsed in a heap from exhaustion.  Within half an hour my throat was prickly and every bone, muscle and joint in my body was on fire.  Ill  The last time I felt like this I treated the symptoms with painkillers and a healthy dose of denial and 5 day later ended up in hospital in the early stages of septicaemia.

I have my table runner class tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nervous


  1. You are a mad woman.....but I sympathise as I had to make gingerbread houses for the entire class. Never, ever again!

  2. Takes one to know one eh? The things we do for out littlies!

  3. glad that i have read the next post and know that you are on the improve....european women hey! i am latvian, and have infinite memories of my grandmother saying 'oh, you sad, then you must eat, you so skinny' - and trust me, this crafty pug ain't skinny!!! :) gotta love it!