Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Bit Devastated...

I saw my surgeon today and my options are worse than I thought.

Two options involve long term antibiotics. One of these may cure it and the other only suppresses it. The third option also aims for a cure but involves several surgeries and 6 months with no joint and my bone flapping in the breeze.

If we want to do IVF in a month... Well the maths just doesn't add up.  He hoped I could just keep taking antibiotics through pregnancy but I can't for various reasons - even baby safe ones.

My surgeon said i need to speak to my fertility specialist and she gave the most devastating blow of all. I have to be completely clear of all infection and off all antibiotics for at least a month before we can have any more treatment.

The thing is we may never get a complete cure. I'm just so very sad. I'm going to be so angry if my stupid wrist is the reason i can't have a big family.

Anyway for now I continue on antibiotics for a month to see if I get further improvement, my surgeon will think a bit harder and see what happens then.

IVF is off the cards indefinitely.


  1. Oh...I'm so sorry to hear your news..Take the time to weigh up all your options before making any decision...as I know you would...and try to stay positive! Treatment options can change.

  2. Oh dear....there's just too much piling up, isn't there. I guess you've just got to take little bites at it, deal with the small bits first then see what's next to solve. Sounds trite, I know but you've got to take time out from the worries and problems and try to find things in life that make your heart sing.
    Praying for you.

  3. i am sure 'little bit devastated' is the understatement of the year....so sorry to read your news. i hope tomorrow has a bright moment in it just for you.

  4. Thanks girls! I really appreciate the support! xxx

  5. thinking of you Alex
    and sending big hugs