Thursday, September 2, 2010

Runners and Rashes

Yesterday I went to my Table Runner Class!

After Tuesday, I had no energy to pre-cut my fabric but it was OK.  I was there for the technique anyway.

Here is as far as I got:
There are 3 more strips to go and each one is lighter than the one before.  The "points police" have threatened to send me an infringement notice if the most recent strip isn't unpicked and restitched but I am rather pleased (or at the very least satisfied!) with my other points!

Then it was off to the doctors to deal with a sudden itchy rash around my underarm area.  They're so frustrating that they wont think outside the box!  No it's NOT from shaving as they're insisting!  Funnily enough the saved area has NO rash and I've never had a problem before.

My gut feel is that it's related to my antibiotics.

It doesn't look like a typical allergic rash according to the doctors.  OK firstly I've has at least 3-4 different things that presented very atypically!  Secondly some antibiotics cause a rash as a side effect and not as the result of allergy!


I'm to go back daily and I'll see the less useless doctor.  At least he is willing to admit it could be something other than shaving whereas the other one refuses to consider any other possibilities - yet he prescribed a stack of different antihistamine treatments!

The pain also returned after 24 hours on the lower antibiotic dose so I've gone back up.  I left a message with my surgeon's secretary to tell him to change the dose on future scripts and to mention the rash as well.  At least my surgeon is always willing to think outside the box.

Anyway hopefully by tonight the antibiotics will be working again and I can get on with the runner!


  1. hopefully major insight is coming to them all soon for you! well done on your table runner - looks great - love the colour choice!
    glad there are no 'points police' around here or i would spend my whole life unpicking and restitching!

  2. I love the colours on the table runner, and I am with Pugs on the points police, admire my work from a distance.

  3. Love the colours of your table runner. I love doing that QAYG method.