Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Block Swaps

I did two swaps for September.

Nolene requested this log cabin block with a red centre and half white on back and half black on white (the first log being white).

In return Nolene sent me a lovely pale green Baby Bunting for my collection (see tab above).

Kathy was my other official swap partner.  Kathy requested the twist block in lime green with a little aqua.

Kathy also sent me a lovely Baby Bunting for my collection: (aplogies for the poor quality photo.  The block itself is magnificent!!)

My third swap was an unofficial one with Linden as the first block I made her (in August) didn't arrive but she has just let me know she has received the second one!  I used the Amish Diamond pattern.  To see Linden's block to me, click on the tab above!


  1. what a lovely collection of blocks! so different in style and fabric - but all fantastic!
    i really like the black, white and red log cabin block!

  2. Thanks Crafty - I'm particularly pleased with that one too. I'd love to do a log day! Right now I'm amusing myself by pre-selecting fabric for future swaps.

  3. have fun with your fabrics! i just checked out the classes on offer at your local QS - wow!!! im so jealous of what is on offer - awesome!