Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ready, (almost)set...


I certainly hope so! i'm doing what i can on the home front to get ready for surgery. Been doing some cleaning, finishing up my block swaps and getting things together.

Now all i need is a date!

Well not quite all. I need to pick which of the 2 surgeries i'll have and my surgeon's idea of sending me to see an infectious diseases specialist to manage the antibiotic side of things isn't such a bad idea afterall.

I'm seeing my surgeon in the morning and will keep him at his word to sneak me into theatre sooner than his operating list would would allow.

I'm also hoping to get him to organise for me to see the infections doc asap... Hopefully also tomorrow if it's in the same building and i can sweet talk the secretary into slotting me in. (i can usually!).

The antibiotic treatment will depend on which surgery i have and what bug/s are responsible.

I better not get put off again. I'm sick of the pain and uncertainty. I'm just not good with unknowns or waiting.

Please Mr B just do it already! I really appreciate your efforts to spare me a 4th op but it's become inevitable.

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