Monday, September 20, 2010

September FNSI results - fail!

That's right I did nothing!

I hoped to finish binding the tablerunner but nope!

I've been so tired lately.  Going to bed well before midnight is so UNlike me!

The weekend was a little more productive although no sewing was done.

Saturday saw us shopping for bits and pieces for hospital and stocking up on things to feed the kidlet while I'm out of action.

Sunday afternoon we went across town to where the Russian shops and delis are.  DH bought a dozen boxes of sachets of buckwheat porrige that he and DS love to eat.  Usually making it from scratch takes agaes but these little bags just get thrown into boiling water for 15 mins.  It's the equivalent of 2 mins noodles for Eastern Europe!

No I didn't take this photo.  I got it from this cool Russian blog.

We also got a pack of frozen pelmeni and a yuuumy poppyseed pastry.  All stuff I will have no hope of making for a really long time.  

On the way home we had an early dinner at TGI Friday's and a trip to Border's bookstore.

Today I still have mountains of washing to get though and I need to pack my stuff.  I managed to wrangle a slightly later admission from my surgeon's secretary so dropping off DS at my poor sister's house at the crack of dawn wont be quite as unwelcome as it might otherwise have been!

I'm terrified they wont find anything when they open me up so please pray for SOMEthing!  I don;t care what it is or how bad it is just find SOMEthing.  SOMEthing can be fixed but they can't fix what they can't find!!!


  1. Hope all goes well for you. Be postive.
    Hugz Maria

  2. my thoughts are with you to hear that it all went WELL. xxx