Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 2 Adventures

The doctor finally turned up 2 hours later than usual.

He said he also found a flap of cartilage stuck beween the ball and socket of the joint that was the cause of the clunking and popping out of its socket.

He was surprised I had been getting oral antibiotics.  I told the nurses he said IV ones but they listened to the anaesthetist who wrote up oral.  grrrr!  Anyway Mr B sorted it out and I'm back on IV again.

Apparently some of the cultures could be ready by today but I have a feeling they will all come back negative.

Just to make things more exciting, my IV line blocked off so I had to wait fot the IV nurse to come put in a new one. She had terrible trouble getting a vein but found one in the end.  She could only get half the cannula in as it wouldn't budge any further so she just taped it all up tightly.

The main thing is I'm reconnected to my lovely PCA!  I was getting worried for a while!

Theonly drawback is because it's all plugged into tthe power point, I need to buzz for a nurse to come unplug me if I need to go to the loo and back again when I'm done.

Now the question is whether I go home tomorrow morning or not.  Depends on lab results and my willingness (or lackof) to part ways with the PCA.

Dh could probably take friday off work but if I came home tomorrow I'd either be kidwrangling or home alone while the boys go to work.  Neither option is good so I'll see about staying another night when the boys come visit since they should be here soon!

In the meantime the big syringe in the PCA is looking almost empty so I hope they recharge it for me!!!

I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's block swaps and the latest  AP & Q
is excellent!  Lots of nice quilts to make!  Not that I need any more ideas for a while!

OK so amuse me - if you've seen the newest edition of the mag, please leave me a comment and tell me which quilt is your favourite or which one you want to make.

I'm loving the cover quilt (Waiting for Russell) by Sandra Dart and also A Summer Place by Frances Leate

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  1. thanks for the update! been thinking of you today. don't have the AP&Q, but have spent too much time today on the moda bake shop website!!! so many good things to make!!! my fave today is which i am thinking of making as a wedding present for a friend, but in blues and greens