Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunshine Award

When I was in hospital earlier this week I was most surprised and very touched that Crafty Pug has nominated me for a Sunshine Award.

This is what she said:

i would like to nominate you for the 'sunshine award'!  
i love reading your blog and keeping up to date with all that is going on for you- thanks for bringing some sunshine into my life!  your attitude despite some of the difficult things going on for you is inspiring!
Thank YOU, Crafty for the lovely surprise!  Your words are very sweet and I feel very undeserving given how much of a misery guts I've been the last few weeks.
I apologise for not putting the award on my blog sooner - it involved a lot of cutting and pasting and jumping between email accounts which required 2 handed typing!
Now  I need to choose 3 blogs to nominate:

Lorraine from Bizarre Quilter
Lorraine is always happy and ready to help quilters polish up their skills.  She has some lovely eye candy on her blog and it always makes me smile (not to mention being a great quilting teacher)

Clair from Tea and Bickies
I just love Clair's way with words!  Her blog always has me giggling and I love her quirky sense of humour.  Right up my alley!  Not to mention lots of amazing quilts to look at!
I joined Sue's Block swap in late July for an August start.  I've made some lovely quity friends as a result and being able to look at all the lovely blocks on the group blog is very exciting and makes me feel part of things even when I'm unable to sew.

This was a tough choice as I could have quite easily nominated all the blogs I follow but if I leave it at 3 then it leaves some contenders for the next award!


  1. Thank you, but you've made me blush. Good job no-one can see me!