Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New BFF

I finally started being able to feel my fingers at around 10:30pm. 

The down side to all this is that pain very quickly followed.  By midnight I'd taken the various oral meds and wanted my PCA that the anaesthetist promised me.  The only thing left was panadol osteo and no-way was that going to do anything.

The nurse gave it to me and said I could have more endone in an hour or two!!!  Apparentlt the PCA was a last resort and I was to try the oral endone again first.

She left and I cried.  An hour or two later I was greeted by a couple of nurses coming in with my PCA!!!!!!!!!!

Such a wonderful sight!  And I didn't have to beg for it!  It look a while to get set up especially since a drip was ordered with it.  Now I have fentanyl continuously flowing into me and I can have a boost at the press of a button!

It's wonderful and I don't react to it as much as morphine or pethidine.

The doc will be doing his rounds in an hour or so and he better not send me home.  They will have to pry the button from my cold dead hands first!!


  1. Yep gotta love the PCA. I had a couple a few years ago. Although have to say I was always glad to get off the pain killers as they usually made me feel sick. Rest up!

  2. he he - you are so funny! glad you are keeping your sense of humour about it all!
    love the new look for the blog too