Monday, September 13, 2010

My mojo is back!

Well mainly my Stampin' Up! and cardmaking Mojo!  I haven't made any for ages - I'd been using cards I'd made previously to send along with swap blocks but I had an idea (I know! there's a first time for everything, hey??) and made 3 cards.  They will be perfect for block swaps.

Not thrilled with some of the colour combinations but I played with some DSP that had already been pre-cut into 6" squares and it had a lot of new colours in it for which I had no co-ordinating cardstock.

I also made Nolene's log cabin block for the block swap.  I'm really pleased with it.  I was terrified it would end up too small due to the number of seams but it's fine!

I also made another block for Linden since her August one never arrived :-(  I made it different just it case it ever does turn up.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  I only have slight issue with 2 of the points.  The rest are OK and it's also the right size!

Today I'm planning to do Kathy's block.  I ran out of time yesterday since I spent the afternoon at a Chef's Toolbox party and made the recipes as soon as I got home. YUM!

I'm in two minds about posting block swap pics before they are received by the recipient.  I've been wanting to try out a poll on this blog so I'll do that!  Make sure you vote! (it's on the top left!!)

Just wanted to clarify - I'll post pics of the blocks both on my blog and the Quilt Block Swap one but my dilemma is timing.  Do I post them as soon as I've made them or wait til they have been received so as to not spoil the surprise???


  1. So pleased your crafty mojo is back. the cards are fabulous. I have been looking for quilty themed cards to send and havent found any. And I am not a card maker so will have to keep searching. Will look at your poll. QH Sue :)

  2. ps, Saw the poll, its a hard one. I would like all members to share on the group block of blocks sent and received- but its nice to share these on their own blogs too. Not all members are bloggers (less than half), so if you didnt put them on the blog a lot of the lovely blocks will never be seen by anyone other than the maker or the receiver.

  3. Thanks Sue - it's mainly a question of timing. I'm happy to post on both sites but do I do it before the recipient gets her block or wait til after not to spoil the surprise??

  4. How about doing both? Post a snippet of the block on your own blog when completed (that way you won't spoil the surprise for the recipient)then post a full picture of the block on both blogs when received. Personally, I love the surprise when opening my packages for block swaps ;-)

  5. Ooops, forgot to say I love your cards ;-)

  6. after following cathy's blog for a while, ive decided to steal her way of doing it - which she has described above. i am going to post snippets of the blocks i make on both blogs and then the full reveal when i know they have been received. and agree with everyone - love the cards!!! i haven't seen anyone make ones like that before - just perfect!