Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big 50!

Yay Post #50!!

Good timing to report in this weekend's happenings!

Friday saw me at the doctor's for my daily rash check.  I saw the better doctor of the two and the first thing he said was that it's definitely an allergic reaction to SOMEthing!  I was speechless!  That's what I've been telling then for the past 3 visits!

I asked for a stronger steroid cream that I've used for other things since the weak one the useless doc gave me did nothing and an oral steroid was added to the mix.  That makes 5 different prescription meds I'm taking now plus the cream plus vitamins etc.

Anyway now that they believe me and I have some decent meds, I'm feeling much better and my wrist has been up to doing some crafting this weekend!  I started by adding a few more leaves onto Lizzy Mae on Friday night. (no updated pics just yet ;-))

All the dreary, rainy weather is just perfect for sewing and cooking!  I've make a version of spanakopita and also a roast beast with the works!

I'm happy to report the table runner is done and I'm very glad I unpicked the dodgy point.  Turns out the fabric slipped so the mismatched point turned out to be the least of my worries!

I also had to unpick a few more strips when they gathered on the underside of the runner.  It was basted quite tightly but I need to undo the safety pins as I go.  I need to rethink things for when I make another.  I definitely would like to do this runner again.  I'm thinking spray baste along with pins for added hold??  Changing over to walking foot definitely helped but I had hoped to avoid it since it doesn't have 1/4" markings and I'm bad enough at 1/4" seams as it is!!

I also had to hack off a fair bit more than I anticipated to even up the sides since my centre point wandered a little!

Now all I have left is to bind it which will have to wait a day or two since I'm sore today (I think I overdid it yesterday!).  Maybe I'll just add a few more leaves to Lizzy tonight.


  1. The table runner is very nice! GOOD LUCK with the new medication too!

  2. Love the table runner, and good to hear the rash should be easy to fix and that you are back crafting xx

  3. Your table runner looks great. Pleased you have had your rash sorted.

  4. Hi, great tablerunner, I love the colours! Thanks also for following my blog! I'll be following you too!

  5. well done unpicking! the rewards are there to see - looking great!