Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the other side!!

Everything went much better with the new staggered admissions in the DPC.

The anesthetist was lovely and did the most thorough arm block I've ever had along some much better suggestions for post-op pain relief.

The primary cause for all this grief was a tendon rubbing againt the artificial joint to the point it got a hole through it.  Luckily this tendon is redundant because my wrist is fused so they cut it out along with some pathology samples.  It didn't look infected but we'll wait to hear the result.  the ball of my joint was replaced with a smaller one and it seemed to fit better.

I seem to be an unusual case so they had a few extra doctors watching and I got the anaesthetic nurse to keep peeping over the curtain to see where they were up to.  They even let me keep my old ball and they never usually allow it.  i always ask to keep stuff and normally they say no but I'm to keep it a secret! lol

Looks like i may go home sooner but i imagine I'll be in a few nights. I'll see what the pain is like when the nerve block wears off.

This is what the joint looks like
And this is where is goes altho my wrist looks a little different since I've had a full wrist fusion also


  1. so glad to hear they found the cause of your problems. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery ;-)

  2. wow! you are one tough cookie! so glad you are 'on the other side'
    praying for your quick recovery

  3. So pleased they were able to fix it.Take care and get well soon.