Monday, September 20, 2010

T minus 12 hours and counting...

Until my admission that is.

The generic time for a morning admission is 7am but the Day Procedure Centre has finally listened to patients' complaints and is nor staggering admission times so you don't arrive at 7 and wait 6 hours in a chair for surgery!

Apparently the surgeon has to OK the later admission time tho so when the hospital rang me and the lady admitted it said 9am on her sheet but wasn't "allowed" to tell me to come later since she would get in trouble.  I rang the secretary who seemed to think it was all up to the hospital and I got her to agree to 8am so I'm thinking sometime between 8 and 9am.  I'm ALWAYS last on the list.

Then someone with more authority rang from the DPC and said I can come in at 9am!  woohoo!

Unfortunately the hand surgeries, opthalmology, gynaecology and endoscopy procedures all go through the DPC even if the person is staying overnight (like me).

At least if you have to wait hours for other surgeries you get shown into your room and can chill out there in a little more privacy, watch TV etc.

I'm usually too nervous to concentrate on a book so I'm making DH stay with me this time and amuse me since DS is being looked after by my sister (he can't wait!!).

DH is also trying to organise a laptop for me.  My old one is dead and quite ancient anyway so I'll be blogging updates.


  1. Hi Alex good luck with the surgerie will be thinking of you and sending best wishes
    hugs Beth

  2. sending hugs, prayers and thoughts....hope you get a lappy so we can find out how it is all going