Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Progress Report...

mThanks for the well wishes everyone!

My visit to the surgeon involved a lot of umming, ahhing and head scratching.  He sent me off for a CT scan (thankfully I got in this afternoon!) and we'll see what that shows.  I go back to see him tomorrow and hopefully they will have reconstructed all my images by then!

The reason he didn't do a CT sooner is the amount of metal in that wrist causes a lot of interference and might not show much because of this anyway!  Same story with MRI except they wont even consider scanning you with one of those if the implants are still fairly new.

I decided to be a little proactive and got in to see the GP this afternoon and requested some blood tests for inflammatory markers.  Surgeon didn't tell me to get them but sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands (or hand in my case!).

It was such a quick and efficient visit for a change.  I went in, told her what tests I wanted and she filled in a request form and off I went *lol* We were at the medical centre for less than 7 minutes from parking the car to pulling out of the carpark!  Such a blessing when a restless 6YO is tagging along.

On their own they may or may not show much since ESR and CRP can be elevated for many reasons but it might just provide another piece of the puzzle so I put the hard word on both the GP and the path lab and hopefully I'll have my numbers by morning to wave at the surgeon.

His initial suggestions on how to treat an infection seemed a little too relaxed given what I've read about it.  I know he is trying to avoid having to open me up (again!) and I appreciate it but either way it's crunch time and I think he's going to have too.

At least he agrees with me that it's unlikely that the procedure "failed" given I did have pain relief for a period of time.

Anyway I'm praying the CT shows something!


  1. sounds like some progress, even though not definite yet. so glad that extra test etc went smoothly. will definitely be praying too - keep us posted

  2. Hope all goes well and you're back to full strength ASAP! :)