Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Swap Partner for August

We have a new member joining the Quilt Block Swap and Sue has paired her up with me to do a second swap this month.

I'm really excited.  It's a great morale boost to get a "project" finished so quickly and have that feeling of satisfaction.  A single block takes about an hour only and that's with my extra slow cutting and piecing thanks to the Nemesis.

Linden is happy with any block style in bright purples and oranges.

I've gone stash diving and pulled out this lot:

Now I just have to wait for them to start talking to me.  I've heard the odd murmur but nothing intelligible just yet.


  1. I like the orange one in the front with darker blotches on it paired with the bright purple at the back right hand side. Maybe in a nice star. She likes brights and they certainly are that.

  2. The ones in the front are all repro fabrics so they don't play as well with normal ones. Click on the pic to get a bigger version.

    They aren't as bright as they look. The back ones are brightest.

  3. I too have just joined the Aussie block swap and have just posted my block off. Your colour look good and I am sure she will enjoy it.