Sunday, August 1, 2010


This weekend has turned out pretty well considering the Nemesis has been in top form!

Saturday involved a trip to Spotlight for batting, backing and quilting thread for Chocolate and Aqua plus a few browns which may or may not go with the table runner for my class.

I hoped for a chocolate brown backing but there was nothing remotely close so I got a light blue one instead.  Not exactly aqua but at least any dodgy quilting wont show up on the back!

The cute birdie fabric was on the clearance wrack (yes I still have bird phobia) so it'll make a cute charity quilt for a little girl.

Today was even better.  I love online shopping!!  I placed one US order at The Quilted Castle for my Aster Manor yardage and an Australian one at Oz Quilts for a quilting stencil and a FQ pack of browns.

Here are my Aster Manor borders - red for the wide outer border and pink for the narrower inner one.  The sashing is cream with tiny brown spots.

I'm hoping the Aussie order arrives this week so I can pre-wash and work out whether I have a good selection of colours.  I suspect I'll still need to pop into Quilters Bazaar this week for the final selection!

Andrew will drop in on monday to pay for my Table runner class but I'm hoping to be able to drive by Tuesday to get the rest!

What a nice hubby!  I'm stocking up now while it lasts! *lol*

I'm also plodding on with Chocolate and Aqua - 12 sections complete and only 3 to go!!!

ETA - On closer examination I discovered a grave piecing error which required not only unpicking but re-matching colours as well. 

I blame those boys entirely.  It's very difficult to sew with "light sabres" crashing around you.  DS aka Darth Vader graciously allows his father to be Luke Skywalker and...well I'm so mortified I can hardly say it...was called...Jar Jar Binks.

The indignity!  The injustice!  EVERYONE knows I'm the Yoda of the house.  OK so I don't have hairy ears but I'm about the same height and right at least as often.  UGH BOYS!!


  1. well done for battling through the nemesis - that'll show it! looking forward to seeing some progress piccies!

  2. and yes, id say jar jar binks quietly too