Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gisborne Quilters 28/7

Last night was my second meeting with the Gisborne Quilters.

Things started in the early afternoon while I was driving home from the hospital.  DH asked me whether I was planning to go that night and while I was trying to recover from the shock that he remembered on his own I managed to spit out that I was hoping to go and waiting for all the usual objections.  There were none so I was told to drive safely and he'd cook dinner for himself and the kidlet.

Now I was scared.  Who are you and what have you done with my husband????Shocked

I assumed he was being nice to me because I was worried about Dad.  Not so!

When he got home he said he was approached by Annette at work and she asked him whether I was his wife and a member of Gisborne Quilters!

Now I'd never met Annette but remembered her name off the list and it turned out that she and a number of other Gisborne Quilters are all teachers at work where Andrew also works in the IT department!

He seemed pretty traumatized by his meeting with Annette so naturally I couldn't wait to meet my saviour.Smile

Upon arriving I discovered that FIVE of our members all work there plus Lorraine who used to work there before she opened Quilter's Bazaar.

I was thrilled and knew I'd never have a problem getting there again!  With 7 people knowing who he is, he became (quite literally) the butt of all our jokes! Free Icons

I did reattach the button on his pants (yes I know I said I'd do this many posts ago) as well as kidlet's school jumper but I thought I'd give him another reminder about quilters and mending.

This pic is off the Gisborne Quilters blog:

It was only lightly tacked on since they are his work pants!

All the work ladies promised to have him bending over all day at work! Muhahahahahahaha!Too Funny 1

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  1. that is soooooooooooooo funny! you'll never miss another one!! and hopefully this little episode will encourage him to mend his own clothes so you can get on with real sewing :)