Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shopping dramas and a sucky day :-(

Well this weekend's trip to Spotlight did NOT turn out as planned.

We went to what is the biggest one near us and although they have a big range they simply didn't have what I needed.  I got the last of the black and white spotty fabric which meant I got a little bit extra and I found ONE fabric to go with the table runner.  That means another 5 to go!

I managed to convince hubby to make a slight detour and visit another Spotlight on the way home when DS said his tummy hurt.  The pains would come and go and make him cry and we went straight home instead.

Just when the day couldn't get much worse, his symptoms were looking more and more like appendicitis.  Thankfully a trip to the toilet solved everything and no need to go to hospital tonight.

The Nemesis is wreaking all sorts of havoc lately, especially tonight so I'm going back to the surgeon this week.

The final straw was my bobbin running out...

On a slightly happier note, I think someone is trying to tell me to get on with my Dear Jane!


  1. darn spotlight....glad that your little fella was ok :)

    are you really doing the dear jane quilt? you're so brave!!!! i have been looking at different people working on it and man, it looks SOOOO full on but an amazing thing to do

    how far through are you etc?

  2. I'm not doing it YET!

    I have the book and most of the fabric I want to use BUT I am determined to finish my 2 hand-pieced samplers first just to make sure my skills are up to scratch.

    Some people foundation piece their Dear Janes but I want to hand piece and needleturn applique mine as Jane would have done!

  3. wow - that will be an amazing project... i would love to have a go one day
    can you post a bit about the hand-pieced samplers you are doing to get your skills up to scratch? i would like to have something to practice on so i can dream of doing the dear jane too one day!