Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some housekeeping

Well I was thinking last night as I drifted off to sleep (and that's usually a dangerous thing) Tut tut  and thought I'd add an extra section in the left bar = UQOs (unquilted objects).  It's not really fair to classify them as a UFO because a completed quilt top is definitely better than chopped up bits of fabric, stray blocks or an unused stash.

Sometimes I make a quilt "just because" with no particular purpose so quilting it immediately doesn't make sense especially when I have UFOs with a "purpose" waiting to be done.

Having a pile of unquilted tops can be advantageous when a gift is needed in a hurry.Thumbs up

Given my wrist situation, I'm trying to avoid doing any unnecessary quilting so charity quilts will be finished to the top stage only.  I will have a few quilts which need to be fully completed (like the dino quilt) so they need priority.

I've also added a blinkie quilt on the right side bar and a calendar of quilty events at the bottom.

It's motivating me to get more stuff done.  I caught up with a RL friend yesterday who is also a quilter and she wants to join a group and start blogging to get her productivity going again.

We're going to each make a DaChintzy together.  Hopefully we can get together every fortnight and actually make it together...together.


  1. very lovely to have a friend like that - you will have a great time together

  2. She's a way more experienced quilter than I am so I'm hoping I can learn a lot from her.

  3. I am concentrating on tops at the moment too. I have RA and it means taking time out between activities as well. all gets done, eventually. Love your fabric choices for the DaChintzy quilt. Working with others sure helps to get a quilt finished. We are doing that on the handpiecing (some are machine piecing) forum. The girls there are the best.

  4. Thanks Sadia! Which joints bother you the most with RA? What meds work best for you?