Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dinos are back!

I finally did some more work today.

Sewing MachineMad EmoticonsIt was frustratingly slow going - for every 5-10 mins of cutting I had to rest for at least twice that!

I couldn't be bothered dealing with borders today so I cut out all the squares for the backing of the dino quilt!

To my relief I had enough fabric (with some left over!) and enough variety to make it look OK.

I DunnoIt's strange fabric - supposedly cotton but with a funny texture so I'd prefer not to use it on the front of a quilt but the back is nice and bright and DS is happy with it!

Magnifying Glass
The worst part was having to use my dodgy scissors! Scissors My good sewing scissors have vanished in very mysterious circumstances.  I strongly suspect foul play.

The piecing of the back had to wait til DS went to bed.  I didn't dare interrupt Top Gear with the whirr of the sewing machine.  I got about 1/3 done until I was too sore to continue.

I'll see how I go tomorrow.  Maybe I can get the whole back done AND attach the inner borders??

On a more exciting note, I rang Quilter's Bazaar this morning to book into my classes and thank goodness I didn't wait til tomorrow!  The table runner class was full and Lorraine is running another!

I know which feature fabric to use but I'm in two minds on whether or not to buy a bali pop for the braids or buy the fabric separately.  Not much is needed but I would like to make matching placemats which would make good use of the bali pop.  Decisions Decisions.  I only have until 7 Aug to work it out!


  1. disappearing scissors - very suspicious indeed! one of the very first fights that my hubby and i had after we got married was when he "borrowed" my sewing scissors to cut open a packet of biscuits - i was thinking - who have i married!!!!!!!!! he he. i then labelled them with massive tags saying 'hands off' etc etc - that didn't work either, so now i just hide them :)
    hope you got as much work done today as you would like

  2. DH has been trained since birth apparently his mum has such a pair of scissors so he's well used to incurring the wrath of the lady-of-the-house if he so much as look in their direction!!