Wednesday, July 14, 2010


...pretty much summarizes the last couple of days. Sick Emoticons

The rainy weather means it's party time for The Nemesis.  Add a stubborn headache and general pukiness and I'm left feeling very sorry for myself. Free Emoticons

This of course means no Wednesday night sewing with the Gisborne Quilters or even home sewing of any kind.

Except of course buttons.  DH's pants still need one and DS has popped 2 off his school rugby shirt so I guess it means loading up on painkillers and hoping for the best.   They really need to be done despite The Nemesis.

I see my surgeon tomorrow to see what the next step is.  Splinting for 4 weeks did nothing and it doesn't feel any better.  Free Avatars

On a happier note I did finish sewing the dino blocks around the panel but no borders.

Will try to add a pic tomorrow!

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