Friday, July 16, 2010

Australian Block Swap

I joined up today after finding the link on Crafty Pug's blog.

The block swap is run by Sue.  Each month everyone gets a partner and makes her a block of her choice.

Sue will be my partner in August and she has requested Churn Dash blocks in brown, cream and blue.

I've decided on Marcia Hohn's Baby Bunting block (below)

I wanted a block I liked the look of and which had a meaningful name.  Some of you may know we're battling with secondary infertility.  3 years and 3 failed IVF cycles and still no sibling(s) for Maxie.  Sad

For someone who has always wanted lots of kids it's hard.  We appreciate our little man and adore him.  We're so lucky to have him but it has also given us a taste of what we're missing.

Anyway enough depressing talk!

I'm very excited to be part of the swap and to be making some new sewing friends!! Free Smileys


  1. hi alex!!! finally found my way to your blog. so great that you have joined the block swap - i am really excited about it too!
    so sorry to hear about your struggles with secondary infertility. will be thinking of you as you wait for your next round to start.
    much love
    crafty pug

  2. Hi Crafty! Yay another follower! Right now the wait is probably good - we both need to take supplements, I need to lose weight and hopefully have my wrist feeling a bit better.

  3. My step daughter was going through IVF, had an eptopic pregnancy (not sure of correct spelling), then out popped Mitchell some 9 months after having one tube removed. She has only discovered this week that she is now having twins. I dont intend this to upset you only for you to know that miricles happen and a special miracle will happen for you, I am sure of it. xx Sue