Saturday, July 24, 2010

July Friday Night Sew In

Things started off well.  Pretty much all my pieces were pre-cut and (as far as I knew) all the square-in-a-square blocks were done.

I'm making a larger version of Lynelle Slade's Perfectly Peppermint quilt from AP&Q magazine Vol 15 No 4.  I simply increased the dimensions of everything to make the quilt big enough (it's going to have to cover a sofa).

The first few blocks came together very quickly even though I couldn't chain piece too many sections at a time since I'd forget where they went.  I only managed to stitch one section wrong which must be some kind of record for me!

I did realise fairly quickly that I still need EIGHT of the smaller sqaure-in-a-square blocks!  I have plenty of fabric but I was too tired and sore to make them last night.  All in all I pieced together 7 sections out of 15 so I'd be halfway there if it wasn't for those 8 remaining blocks I need to make!!
Piles of fabric

Laid out to be stitched:
FNSI outcome:


  1. WOW!!!!
    that looks fantastic!!! you must be stoked with it!

  2. That looks great Alex, we must have the same taste as that is one that I have earmarked to make. I am sure some of my quilts look familiar as they are from the AP & Q magazine too, but as you did I tweak them to fit in with my ideas. Funny too with your blog background being the one I chose, it seemed familiar but I did not realise where I had seen it before. xx

  3. Thanks girls! I am happy with it but the fabrics just don't look as good as Lynelle's. Granted I was stash-busting rather than buying specifically for the project!

  4. Oooh, beauty - great FNSI work!