Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy FNSI everyone!

I'm excited! 

As per the rules, I'm already in my jammies - well I haven't been out of them in days actually!  DS has been home sick from school so we've both been slobs together.

Dinner tonight is take-away so that's taken care of too.

I'm hoping I can keep the Nemesis away for the night.  He appears to be attacking the fingers on my right hand for some reason.  Have no idea what that's all about.

In between slobbing I've been putting DS to work holding up quilts to take pictures of.  Most are pretty blurry because he can't stay still!

Now the big question is whether I can turn this into a quilt top by tomorrow morning??!


  1. Good luck! I am trying to get a quilt top started and finished tonight too. I had better get back to my sewing!

  2. Thanks! It didn't get finished but I put a big dent in it anyway!

  3. the colours are such a good blend.....i always choose browns that are 'dirty and boring' for some reason. that chocolate is rich and warm - just lovely

  4. Crafty, Thank you! I'm hoping it will also disguise cat hair and grime when it's done!

  5. he he - love a good grime coverer!! i need something that camouflages red play-doh at the moment :)